To answer this question we should start by looking at the way we pick our leaders. They are often charismatic individuals, brimming with over-confidence (on the outside at least). Some may say they are privileged, condescending ‘know-it-alls’. Sound like anyone you know?

What we need from our leaders are people with empathy and consideration for others. Strong individuals who are good listeners, have a quiet confidence and a touch of self-doubt.

Yet we don’t recruit for any of these factors. We certainly don’t celebrate them or promote them. Often these qualities are seen as ‘weakness’ or ‘softness’ and not ‘the right stuff’. And so, we go searching for ‘go-getters’, those with determination. The dynamic individuals. The ‘winners’.

In truth good leaders are focused on helping others to succeed. They understand that businesses are a ‘collective’ where it is the team that drives success. Not the outstanding individual, Good leaders provide vision and strategy. They have the courage to lead others to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

So re-look at the skills and qualities you want from your leaders and your managers (those ‘leaders in waiting’). Reconsider your selection criteria, how you interview for them. And – most of all – what you would ideally like your leader to achieve for you.
I help businesses create a single unified co-operative entity, where everyone is on the same page of the same manual. With that in place, you can take your business anywhere.