Dismissing someone can lead to you having to pay a fortune or face lengthy legal battles.

No one likes the prospect of having to dismiss someone from their job. You are taking away their livelihood, in the short-term at least. There will be an impact on their family, and on their self-esteem and mental health.

You may also be exposing the business to a possible tribunal claim, and the costs and consequences associated with this. Even where the employee has relatively short service, they can ‘fight their corner’ and bring a claim.

You are also exposing yourself to potentially difficult conversations and having an employee in the business who is aware that, for whatever reason, their job is at risk.

No wonder people can be reluctant to face dismissing someone head on!

However, there are three basic steps you can follow which means that you will be able to dismiss someone as painlessly as possible, and in a way that is least likely to result in an employment tribunal claim.

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