Workplace Legal Solutions


We provide a mediation service that assists you to resolve workplace conflicts. 

Do you have unresolved conflicts requiring intervention?

We diffuse conflicts in the workplace by intervening in a professional and impartial way.  We assist the parties to rebuild trust and re-establish working relationships. 

Do you need help resolving Director disputes?

Either through mediation, negotiations or litigation we help businesses overcome paralyzing director disputes.  We enable businesses to overcome difficulties caused by these types of disputes supporting them to move towards a better future. 

Has communication broken down?

We support you in rebuilding communication, re-establishing a culture of respect by encouraging listening, enabling each team member to feel they have been heard.   We restore harmony into the workplace allowing managers to lead a more motivated and productive team.     

Have you got conflict in your workplace that has not been resolved?

By using our skills as expert mediators, we explore the options to find the best solution to resolve conflict quickly and constructively.  We relieve you of the stress conflict causes permitting the business to move on. 

“Kim at workplace legal solutions has been an amazing support to us. She is professional and calm and offers her legal advice in a reassuring and clear way which helps us to make decisions easily even in difficult situations.

We have appreciated her support and always know we can contact and get sound advice when we need it! Thank you! “