Hybrid Working – What is it and how do you implement it?
The pandemic forced many people to work from home. This had added benefits of reduced time and cost of commuting. But many struggled with working from home and the isloation it can bring.
Hybrid working combines the options of working from home and the office. It can help to:
– increase productivity and job satisfaction
– attract and keep a more diverse workforce
– improve trust and working relationships
As an employer you should consider where, when and how work could be done. Arrangements may differ depending on the role and needs of your employees.
Does work have to completed in the workplace or could it be undertaken remotely? You need to conisder:
– what technology is rquired?
– how will teams communicate?
– concerns over health and safety and how to address them?
– why tasks need to be carried out in the workplace ?
When does the work need to be done? Are there specific times that work and tasks need to be completed?
– are there clients with specific time needs?
– are there core times when employees need to work together?
– how often should in person meetings be held?
– how to you manage rest breaks?
– how do you ensure that employees aren’t working more than the maximum hours allowed?
When looking at how the work can be done you should consider:
– how to introduce new employees to the company?
– data privacy and cybersecurity requirements?
– does an employee need personal or shared workspace in the workplace?
– how will equipment be supplied and installed?
– who will do workstation assessments?
– how will performance management be undertaken?
– is extra training required for hybrid working?
– how will all health and safety requirements be met?
If an employee asks about hybrid working you must consider their request. make sure you understand the reasons behind their request.
Once you have discussed the options with your workforce the next step is to put it in place. To do this you must review existing employment contracts. You should also write a hybrid working policy. When doing this you may need to consult further with your workforce.
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