Leading people working from homw can be challenging.  It’s easy to assume people are coping when they are not.  It’s also easy to overcompensate for the fact that they are not in the workplace.

This third lockdown is taking its toll on managers and employees – so what leadership tips are there?

  1. Some people can adapt better than others and leaders need to recognise this.  Individual conversations about how people are coping is vital.
  2. People working from home won’t be able to work in exactly the same way they did in the workplace.  People have competing demands not least home-schooling children.  Flexibility in terms of times of work and performance targets is something that should be considered.
  3. Uncertainty is a stress-trigger for many people so it’s important to be clear when the situation will be reviewed and when they might be needed back in the workplace.
  4. Recognise that people will have different anxieties and encourage them to talk to you about them without repercussions.
  5. Finally, make sure that they are safe and well, with all the tools and equipment they need to do their job as easily and safely as possible.

Clear leadership is challenging, but right now it is more important than ever.