Homeworking has become the norm during the pandemic, however it is important that people working from home have a safe working environment in which to work.

You should provide employees who work from home (whether full-time, part-time or just occasionally) with a “Homeworker’s Guide” to help them understand the rules and responsibilities of homeworkers.

You should also ask them to complete a “Homeworker Risk Assessment” This series of questions asks them to think about their home-working environment.  It also encourages them to take responsibility for the decisions they are making about how and when to work.

Once they have done so you should book a call with them to discuss it.  They can talk about any concerns or needs they have and you can flag your concerns.  Take the time to go through this carefully with them, ideally on a video call so that they can show you, or you can ask to see, aspects of their working environment.

There may be action you need to take following this conversation – equipment you need to provide them, things they need to implement etc.  It may be that a follow up conversation is required once everything is in place.

Once you are happy that everything is in place, write up a “Risk Assessment Report” and set a review date.  Finally, send the employee an email confirming your actions and the review date and remind them to contact you if anything changes or they have any questions in the meantime.

If you would like the documents mentioned above (for free), or help with any aspect of managing homeworkers, then do get in contact.