Workplace Legal Solutions

We provide legal protection and peace of mind for you and your business

Employment Law

We provide comprehensive and straightforward advice on all legal issues impacting your business.

HR Support & Training

We provide support and training on all HR issues to achieve the best outcome for your business.

Leadership & Management Training

We provide leadership and management training to help you develop your business.


We provide a mediation service that assists you to resolve workplace conflicts.

How can we help you?

Whether you are a small business hiring your first employee or a large established company, we will support you with the various challenges you may face to ensure you can grow your business and get the best from your employees.

Employment Law

  • Tribunal Advocacy and handling your claim
  • Legal advice and support
  • Negotiations and Settlement
  • Support with Dismissals

HR Support & Training

    • Disciplinary and Grievance issues
    • Discrimination                                                                        
    • Performance Management and Improvement Plans
    • Contracts, Policies and Procedures

Leadership & Management Training

  • Developing leadership skills

  • Motivating teams

  • Challenging behaviours 

  • Creating a positive working environment 


  • Impartial intervention
  • Director disputes
  • Breakdown in communication
  • Resolving conflict


Established for over 10 years, we have developed a unique and personalized service to meet your specific needs.

We specialise in enabling business owners and directors struggling with staff issues to resolve them quickly without having to pay a fortune or face lengthy legal battles.


Carly McAuley (Director at Triangle) was involved in a dispute between 4 directors, a grievance and a threatened legal proceeding. In 4 weeks we compassionately resolved the disputes with 2 directors leaving and the other 2 with an easy to operate, highly profitable business.

Vito Ferrone (Antique Jewel & Gem) had an employee suspected of theft and other gross misconduct.  We led a swift investigation, confronted the employee and 7 days later they left willingly without seeking compensation or starting a tribunal claim.

Richard Wilson-Artus (Director, MWA Accounting) had an employee who needed to leave due to a redundancy situation. We guided him through difficult discussions, conducted meetings on his behalf and within 10 days the employee willingly ended their employment position.

How we have helped our clients

Adrian Richards (CEO at Disability Focus) was trying to ‘manage’ a very disruptive employee and couldn’t remove her from the business. We enabled them to solve this and short-cut the process, leading to her amicable departure within 2 weeks.

Tam Gill (Principal Solicitor at Gledhill Gill Solicitors) was in danger of losing a key member of staff due to an office conflict.  Within 4 weeks we solved the problem compassionately resulting in the fair dismissal of one employee and the key member of staff feeling fully supported and valued.

Ian Smith (Managing Partner at Leslie Clark) faced two tribunal claims for a redundancy process, where the employees were seeking 6-figure settlements. In 3 months we resolved both claims, kept their legal costs low and saved their company over £100,000 in compensation fees.

Carole Bean (HR Director, VG Scienta) had serious disciplinary and performance problems with 6 employees. We developed a strategy that solved these effectively within 8 weeks, introduced new performance standards which reduced management time by 35%, elevated the HR team performance and increased business profits.